Monday, December 5, 2011

ShinSight Trio – Moonlight Sunrise (2011)


01.Keep Rockin It (feat. Sondu)
02.Higher Velocity
03.Times Like These
04.Ocean Skyline (feat. SayLove, Sondu)
05.Stay On Track
06.We Got Soul (feat. Geronimo MC)
07.Rhyme Physics (feat. Midicronica, SKY-HI)
08.Take Stride (feat. Educated Advocates)
09.Rush (feat. Dagha, Shazzo)
10.Peace, Love and Happiness (feat. SayLove)
11.Music Is Magic (feat. Soft Lipa)
12.Do Da Dance
13.Can’t Forget HipHop (feat. Moby Dee)

Ladybug Mecca - Trip the Light Fantastic (2005)


1. Dark Matter
2. Don't Disturb The Peace
3. Children Say
4. Ladybug Come Outside
5. Show the World
6. Mr. Mayor
7. Dogg Starr
8. Leaving it All Behind
9. Sexual Alchemy
1o. Centre of Nowhere
11. Please Don't
12. Last Train
13. Sweet & Polite
14. Suicidethol (Killufast Capsules) 100/mg
15. You Never Get Over It
16. Remember When?
17. Oh Poor You
18. Step Up Wise

Nujabes - Spiritual State (2011)


RIP Nujabes

1 Spiritual State (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
2 Sky Is Tumbling
3 Gone Are The Day (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
4 Spirale
5 City Light
6 Color Of Autumn
7 Down On The Side
8 Yes
9 Rainy Way Back Home
10 Far Fowls
11 Fellows
12 Waiting For The Clouds
13 Prayer
14 Island (feat. Haruka Nakamura & Uyama Hiroto)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ugly Duckling - Moving At Breakneck Speed (2011)


01.Keep Movin’
03.$100 Weekend
05.I Wonder Where She Is Now
06.One Horse Town
07.Anything Can Happen (In The Big City)
08.How It Used To Be
09.Einstein Buys a Monkey
10.Run For The Light
13.The Breakneck Theme
14.Endless Summer

The 49ers & ZDW!? - Soulstice (2011)


01. Touch The Sky feat. Acharu
02. Summer Rain feat. Thurro
03. Summer Of Silence feat. Miwako
04. The Recipe
05. Padparadscha feat. Acharu
06. Endless Rhymes II feat. Nieve
07. Let It Be feat. Acharu
08. Next To The Ex
09. Sunday Smile
10. The Vacay
11. If I Knew Then
12. The Shows Over
13. Cool & Down

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cesar Comanche & DJ Flash - Itch Remedy (2011)


01.Invested (feat. 9th Wonder)
02.GPS (feat. Ghettosocks & The Returners)
03.Take Heed (feat. Khrysis)
04.Reign (feat. Amp)
05.Bring It Down (feat. 9th Wonder)
06.Promise (feat. Lord Quest)

Luckyiam - I Love Haters (2011)


01. Get Lucky (Intro)
02. I Love Haters
03. Paid Dues
04. For You (Feat. Aceyalone and Slug)
05. Watch!
06. Love You/Hate You
07. Somethin2Say (Feat. Imani and Pep Love)
08. Nothing Left
09. Doin This Dame
10. So Simple Back Then (Feat. Kruse)
11. The Guilty
12. I Need...
13. TV In The Afternoon
14. Guts
15. Another Lesson
16. Therapist

Murs - Love & Rockets Vol. 1 (2011)


01. Epic Salutations
02. Remember 2 Forget
03. 67 Cutless
04. Eazy-E
05. Hip Hop And Love (Feat. Tabi Bonney)
06. International
07. S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z (Feat. Locksmith)
08. Westside Love
09. Life And Time (Feat. Ab-Soul And O.C.)
10. Reach Hire
11. Dream On (Feat. Dee-1)
12. 316 Ways
13. Animal Style

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun – Monumental (2011)


01) Monumental feat. Tyler Woods & Pete Rock
02) Prevail feat. Raekwon
03) That’s Hard feat. Sean Price & Styles P
04) Top of the World feat. Memphis Bleek
05) Feel Me feat. Rock of Heltah Skeltah & Bun B
06) Roses feat. Freeway
07) Fire
08) This One feat. Top Dog, Jahdan Blakkamoore of Noble Society
09) Do It feat. Hurricane G
10) Nighttime feat. Pete Rock & Buckshot
11) (I’m a) Stand Up Guy feat. Black Rob
12) Go Off
13) Time To Say

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wax - Scrublife (2011)


01.Red Produced by EOM
02.FAIL Produced by EOM
03.Dispensary Girl Produced by Wax
04.Elements Swing ft. Herbal T Produced by EOM
05.2010 Til Infinity
06.Shoo Ba Doop ft. Dumbfoundead Produced by EOM
07.Music And Liquor Produced by EOM
08.Everything Produced by Wax
09.Don't Need Produced by EOM
10.Old Ways Produced by The Fyre Deparment
11.Limousine Produced by EOM
12.Two Wheels Produced by Finatik & Zac / Co Produced by Jim Jonsin
13.Mary Produced by Nobody Famous
14.New Crack
15.DaleFirebird - American Beer Produced by Dale Firebird
16.Wax Goes Bananas Produced by EOM
17.Not So Bad At All Produced by Wax & EOM [Bonus Track]

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dumbfoundead & Wax - Clockwise (2010)


01.It's On
03.Mr. Nice Guy
04.Dear Dumbfoundead
06.Professional Rap Ft. Herbal T
07.Walking In The Rain
08.Be Advised
09.Dear Wax
11.Different Galaxies Ft. Sam Ock
12.2010 Til' Infinity
13.I Need A Dollar Remix
14.Do You Think...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Jazoburbs - Weight Of Soul (2007)


01. How To Swim feat. Seth Walter
02. Love It Or Leave It feat. Charizma Davinci & DJ Bizkid
03. Light In The Dark feat. Azael
04. In The End feat. Seth Walter
05. Special feat. Seth Walter & Ees
06. Where We Stand feat. Riddlore & LMNO
07. Mindstate Like This feat. Azael
08. Unhappy feat. Seth Walter
09. Mixed Emotions feat. Seth Walter
10. Full Service feat. Riddlore
11. Hate North feat. Seth Walter
12. The Lift feat. Riddlore & Awol One
13. Explorer feat. Seth Walter
14. Strange Night feat. Charizma Davinci, Azael & DJ Bizkid
15. Bastards & Bitches feat. Seth Walter
16. Opposite Day feat. Konverse & DJ Bizkid
17. Everytime feat. Charizma Davinci
18. Imperfection feat. Seth Walter
19. Dreamlight feat. Azael
20. Thank You Song feat. Charizma Davinci
21. I Am feat. Seth Walter

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blue Scholars - Cinemetropolis (2011)



1. Cinemetropolis
2. Hussein
3. Fou Lee
4. Lalo Schifrin
5. Seijun Suzuki
6. Anna Karina
7. Marion Sunshine
8. Slick Watts
9. George Jackson
10. Oskar Barnack ∞ Oscar Grant
11. Yuri Kochiyama
12. Rani Mukerji
13. Tommy Chong
14. Chief Sealth
15. Fin

Incise - Daily Methods (2010)


02.Hope (feat. Need Not Worry)
03.Running Out of Time (feat. the 49ers)
04.Got to Go (feat. Nieve)
05.Bring It Back (feat. Hydroponikz & Anika)
06.Paving the Way (feat. Okay City, Shad K & David Morin)
07.Go Back (feat. Noah King)
09.A New Day (feat. Ajaxx)
10.Music Forever (feat. The Stereotypes)
11.Written (feat. Don Cerino)
12.Rising (Redux) [feat. Tunji]
13.Inequity (feat. Stain)
14.Stay Driven (feat. Dan Johns)
16.Paving the Way (re:plus Remix)
17.Got to Go (Incise Remix) [feat. Nieve]

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cradle Orchestra -Transcended Elements (2010)


01.Don't Wake Me Up feat. Speech
02.The Night Is Right feat. Giovanca
03.Follow This feat. Hocus Pocus
04.On My Way feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
05.You Got To Luv It feat. Guru
06.Things Have Changed feat. Pismo
08.Walk Out feat. Need Not Worry
09.Picnic feat. De La Soul (Pos Plug Won and Dave)
10.Imported Nights feat. Camp Lo
11.Married to The Game feat. CL Smooth & Jean Curley
12.Make Life feat. Aloe Blacc
13.I Never Knew feat. Substantial
14.Eternal Truth

Friday, June 17, 2011

Eyedea and Abilities - By The Throat (2009)



01. Hay Fever 2:20
02. Spin Cycle 3:39
03. Time Flies When You Have A Gun 1:44
04. Burn Fetish 2:55
05. Sky Diver 4:16
06. Junk 2:46
07. Forgive Me For My Synapses 1:02
08. This Story 2:33
09. Factory 1:55
10. Smile 4:02
11. By The Throat 2:41

Saturday, June 11, 2011

J-Live & Tom Caruana - The Rough Versions Vol. 4 (2011)


01.Aaw Yeah
02.Audio Visual
05.Bosoms (feat. Wordsworth)
07.Walkman Music
08.The Lyricist
09.Coming Home (feat. Dwele)
10.The Sidewalks
11.Weather The Storm

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eyedea and Abilities - E & A (2004)


01 Reintroducing
02 Now
03 Kept
04 Exhausted Love
05 Star Destroyer (feat. Carnage)
06 Paradise
07 One Twenty
08 Man vs Ape
09 Get Along
10 Two Men & a Lady
11 E&A Day
12 Act Right
13 Glass

J. Rawls - The Hip Hop Affect (2011)


#8 has been my favorite so far

01. HHA Intro feat. Joshy
02. Best Producer On The Mic feat. Oh No, Diamond D & Kev Brown
03. Face It feat. Sadat X & Wise Intelligent
04. Jewel feat. Afaliah
05. Going Through Records (Interlude)
06. Salute feat. Piakhan
07. Just Rhymin' With Fest feat. Rhymefest
08. That Very First Day feat. Fat Jon
09. Heeey feat. John Robinson, El Da Sensei, LeFortheUncool & Afaliah
10. Who Am I feat. S.P.I.R.I.T.
11. Making A Beat (Interlude)
12. Sandsy feat. J. Sands
13. Ya Friends In The Way feat. Senor Kaos
14. Are You Listening feat. Bad Azz, Copywrite & Edo G
15. Jussy On The Mic (Interlude)
16. Why You Do
17. Find A New feat. Casual
18. Da Beatbox (Interlude)
19. We're On Top (Ohiotakeover) feat. Count Bass D, Trav Dave, Rashad, Co-City, J Osceola, LeFortheUncool, Stalley, Tage, Copywrite, Donwill, 6S, Donte, Piakhan, Ilyas, Main Flow, Dominique Larue, Hood Apostle, Ill Poetic, Illogic, Iyball, JaySwiffa, Jerreau & P Blackk
20. The Beat's Done (Interlude)
21. HHA Outro (Joshy Gets It)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Deltron 3030 - Mastermind (2000)



1. State Of The Nation
2. 3030
3. The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza
4. Things You Can Do
5. Positive Contact
6. St. Catherine St.
7. Virus
8. Upgrade (A Brymar College Course)
9. New Coke
10. Mastermind
11. National Movie Review
12. Madness
13. Meet Cleofis Randolph The Patriarch
14. Time Keeps On Slipping
15. The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Microsoft Inc.)
16. Turbulence (Remix)
17. The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza Part II
18. Battlesong
19. Love Story
20. Memory Loss
21. The Assmann 640 speaks

Gangstarr - Step Into The Arena (1991)


R.I.P. Guru

I was introduced to Moment of Truth first and then I got this album. One of the few physical CD's I bought in my impoverished youth. Its a shame how hes not here anymore. Guru's will forever be remembered.

1 Name Tag (Premier And The Guru)
2 Step In The Arena
3 Form Of Intellect
4 Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Part 2)
5 Who's Gonna Take The Weight?
6 Beyond Comprehension
7 Check The Technique
8 Love Sick
9 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
10 Game Plan
11 Take A Rest
12 What You Want This Time?
13 Street Ministry
14 Just To Get A Rep
15 Say Your Prayers
16 As I Read My S-A
17 Precisely The Right Rhymes
18 The Meaning Of The Name

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Butta - Vaudeville Spit (2010)


01. Dragonhead
02. Get A Grip
03. Abduction Of The Aliens
04. Kocane feat. Showgirl 66
05. Si No Me Dan
06. This Is It!
07. Starving Artist
08. Every Woman
09. My Pain
10. Alternative Chick feat. Showgirl 66
11. When I Wake Up feat. Swigga
12. High Anxiety
13. Transcend
14. Trouble In Vaudeville
15. Time Flies feat. Boo Stylz
16. Life Is Beautiful
17. Samurai Status
18. Hippocampus Harmonies
19. Flash Gordon
20. Ain't Nothin Like feat. Showgirl 66
21. 3 Minutes In New York
22. Hollywood Drama
23. I Like Noise feat. The Bullet Proof Junkies
24. So Much Inspiration
25. Self-Dimension
26. Valuable Time
27. Am I
28. Hip-Hop Hippie
29. Thank You

Cartoon Cartel Presents: Lets Get Lifted


This is fam right here. Crazy album, definitely check it out

Akbar - Big Bang Boogie (2001)


love this album.

3. Bigga Dey Come
4. Take It There
5. 5th Element
6. Driftin' Thru Space
7. Akbar Speaks (Interlude)
8. Those Who Say
9. Hot Ya Hot [M-Boogie Remix]
10. Mothaship
11. Space Odyssey
12. Live Long
13. Hold On
14. Dedication
15. Hot Ya Hot [Original Version]
16. Those Who Say [DJ Revolution Remix]

Sunday, February 13, 2011

iMHi - With My Friends (2011)


This is my album, hope you enjoy it! I produced tracks 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13.

02.Fuck With Me
04.Basic (feat. King David)
05.Gotta Go
07.Jazz Loop
08.Until The End Of Time
09.Item 9 (feat. Scribe 1)
10.Traveling Salesmen
11.5:03 AM Freestye (feat. Capa 3, King David)
12.Goodbye (feat. King David, Capa 3)
13.Tumbleweeds (feat. King David)
14.Goodfellas (feat. J.A.V.)
16.Enyo Kim Freestyle