Monday, December 5, 2011

ShinSight Trio – Moonlight Sunrise (2011)


01.Keep Rockin It (feat. Sondu)
02.Higher Velocity
03.Times Like These
04.Ocean Skyline (feat. SayLove, Sondu)
05.Stay On Track
06.We Got Soul (feat. Geronimo MC)
07.Rhyme Physics (feat. Midicronica, SKY-HI)
08.Take Stride (feat. Educated Advocates)
09.Rush (feat. Dagha, Shazzo)
10.Peace, Love and Happiness (feat. SayLove)
11.Music Is Magic (feat. Soft Lipa)
12.Do Da Dance
13.Can’t Forget HipHop (feat. Moby Dee)

Ladybug Mecca - Trip the Light Fantastic (2005)


1. Dark Matter
2. Don't Disturb The Peace
3. Children Say
4. Ladybug Come Outside
5. Show the World
6. Mr. Mayor
7. Dogg Starr
8. Leaving it All Behind
9. Sexual Alchemy
1o. Centre of Nowhere
11. Please Don't
12. Last Train
13. Sweet & Polite
14. Suicidethol (Killufast Capsules) 100/mg
15. You Never Get Over It
16. Remember When?
17. Oh Poor You
18. Step Up Wise

Nujabes - Spiritual State (2011)


RIP Nujabes

1 Spiritual State (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
2 Sky Is Tumbling
3 Gone Are The Day (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
4 Spirale
5 City Light
6 Color Of Autumn
7 Down On The Side
8 Yes
9 Rainy Way Back Home
10 Far Fowls
11 Fellows
12 Waiting For The Clouds
13 Prayer
14 Island (feat. Haruka Nakamura & Uyama Hiroto)