Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mood - Doom

from wikipedia

Mood is a hip hop group based in Cincinnati, Ohio, composed of rappers Main Flow, Donte, and producer Jahson. They first came to prominence with the Hi-Tek produced single "Hustle on the Side" in 1996. Their 1997 album Doom featured production by a young Hi-Tek and guest appearances by Talib Kweli.

In 2000, they appeared on Mission Control Presents a compilation which featured acts associated with producer Jahson and his label Mission Control. There were three Mood Tracks and three tracks that featured Mood as part of a larger group called Elite Terrorist. Main Flow and Donte are also featured individually on a number of tracks.

Music videos for hit songs "Hustle On The Side" and "Karma" were produced and aired worldwide. Most notably winning awards on regional and international video programs Hip Hop Gladiators, Urban Reality, Basement Flava and DrunkinStyle TV.

Main Flow has also released two solo albums: Castle Diplomat (2002) and Hip-Hopulation (2004).

Mood is currently working on their follow up to Doom entitled Legendary. It is due out in March 2007 according to In the interim, Jahson has an album out as does Main Flow (entitled Flow Season along with DJ 7L), Donte is also planning a solo release.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DJ Green Lantern presents Styles of Beyond - Razor Tag

If you never heard of styles of beyond... get the fuck out of my blog...

for real though...

get it. number 4 and 6 just kills it.

1. Nobody Does It Better - 0:38
2. Razor Tag - 0:43
3. Gats N' Party Hats - 2:34
4. Hard/Hard (Mike Shinoda Remix) - 3:42
5. It's Us - 2:22
6. Godz In The Front (Featuring Demigodz) - 4:53
7. Hey You (Featuring Mike Shinoda) - 2:17
8. You Cannot Fuck With This (Featuring Celph Titled) - 3:39
9. Here We Come - 2:05
10. World Famous - 2:53
11. Take That - 2:31
12. Bring It Back (Featuring Demigodz) - 3:26
13. Murderer (Featuring Celph Titled) - 3:29
14. Live At The BBQ (Featuring Demigodz) - 3:08
15. Story Begins - 2:28
16. Bangin' S.O.B. - 2:48
17. Kill 'Em In The Face (Featuring Scoop DeVille) - 2:40
18. Get Involved - 2:53
19. They Don't Know - 2:34
20. Journey - 2:00
21. Outro - 1:46
22. Savin' L.A. [Bonus Track] (Featuring Bishop Lamont) - 4:08
23. Second 2 None [Bonus Track] (Featuring Mike Shinoda) - 3:04

Chali 2na - Welcome To The Fish Market


thats all i have to say...


get it adam

Jin - The Emcees Properganda

my favorite jin album

Monday, April 28, 2008

Onyx - Triggernometry

Onyx is a hardcore rap group from Queens, New York. Originally formed in 1989 by Fredro Starr, Sonee Seeza and the late Big DS, the group later added Sticky Fingaz, Starr's cousin, in 1991. Triggernometry is the fifth album from hardcore hip hop group Onyx and was put out on D3 Entertainment.
1. "Triggernometry (Intro)" – 0:58
2. "Gun Clap Music" – 4:08
3. "Stick Up" – 0:27
4. "JMJ" – 4:10
5. "Def Scams" – 0:39
6. "Street Is Us" – 2:52
7. "Source Awards" – 1:04
8. "Wild N Here" – 3:58
9. "'93 Flex" – 0:39
10. "O.N.y.X." – 3:54
11. "Wu da Competition" – 1:06
12. "Over" – 4:13
13. "B.I.G." – 1:17
14. "Look Dog" – 3:16
15. "Irv da A&R" – 0:53
16. "Next Niggas, Pt. 2" – 3:42
17. "Rappers in Flicks" – 0:31
18. "Champions" – 3:23
19. "Holla Back 50" – 2:30
20. "Mama Cryin" – 4:01
21. "Triggernometry (Outro)" – 0:37

Afu Ra - Lyrical Surgery

Blue Scholars - Blue Scholars 2005

Blue Scholars are a hip hop duo based in Seattle, Washington. The duo was created in 2002 while the members, Geologic and Sabzi, were a part of The SHOW (Student Hip Hop Organization of Washington) at the University of Washington (Seattle). The group consists of one DJ, Sabzi (Saba Mohajerjasbi) and one MC, Geologic (George Quibuyen).

The name "Blue Scholars" is a play on the term "blue collar," which is an idiom for workers who often earn meager hourly wages for manual labor. Their music and lyrics often focus on struggles between socioeconomic classes, challenging authority and youth empowerment, as evidenced in the songs "Blink" and "Commencement Day." These themes are often specifically addressed in relation to the Seattle region, as in "Southside Revival", "North by Northwest", and "The Ave."

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mo Thugs - Family Scriptures

Mo Thugs Family is an All-Star project as known as Mo Thug Records, Mo Thug Soldiers and Mighty Mo. Many members who were close to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were signed. In the summer of 1997, the group mourned the loss of Paul "Tombstone" O'Neil of the Graveyard Shift who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1999 their record label Relativity Records was bought by Loud Records at the time of sale. Layzie Bone resumed where his brother, Flesh-n-Bone, left off as the new Mo Thugs leader. Their first album entitled "Family Scriptures" was released in 1996 which spawned two hit singles: "Thug Devotion" and "Take Your Time". The album went Platinum. Their second album, "Family Scriptures Chapter II: Family Reunion", which was released in 1998 spawned two singles: "All Good", and and their most successful hit to date, "Ghetto Cowboy". This album also went Platinum. It also introduced several new members, such as MT5, Potion, DJ Ice, Scant, Cat Cody, 4-U-2 Know, Thug Queen, and most notably, Felecia. This album also saw the departure os Tre'. On their third go-around, "Mo Thugs III: The Mothership", released in 2000, it revealed the departure several members including MT5, Souljah Boy, Graveyard Shift, Poetic Hustlaz, II Tru, Cat Cody, 4-U-2-Know, and mainly, Krayzie Bone. It also introduced some new faces, including E-Mortal Thugs, Seldom Seen, Despiridos, and T'N'Tee. It spawned two hit singles, "Did He Really Wanna", and "This Ain't Livin'". The album went Gold. In 2003, Mo Thugs went to release a fourth album entitled, "Mo Thugs IV: The Movement", which spawned the hits: "All Life Long", "The Movement", "Smokin' On Information" (which featured Snoop Dogg), and "Can U Dig It". As of 2006, this album has sold 500,000 copies. All Mo Thugs albums will now be distributed through Interscope Records.

Blahzay Blahzay - Blah Blah Blah

Str8 classic.

Danger, and Pain I Feel are 2 stand out tracks

Blahzay Blahzay is an East Coast hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York, consisting of DJ PF Cuttin and MC Out Loud. The group released only one album, the 1996 Blah Blah Blah, along with a 1999 single of new material. The LP contained the group's most popular track, Danger, which would go on to be sampled by DJ Rectangle. This track is also sampled on the Zoo York Mixtape. The album was influential during the rest of the 1990s in the reemerging hip-hop scene in New York.[1]

PF Cuttin and Out Loud worked behind the scenes for ten years producing tracks for artists such as Masta Ace and Craig G until 1995, when they hit the scene with their hit song "Danger," featuring a sample from Jeru the Damaja's underground hit "Come Clean." Blahzay's album Blah, Blah, Blah' was released August 1996.

The track "Danger" was remixed by DJ Rectangle and also by DJ Premier. The original lyrics for the chorus went "When the East is in the house; Oh, my God; Danger!" Dj Rectangle's mix went "When the West is in the House; Oh, my God; Danger!" This caused a mild stir among the hip-hop community.

1. Intro
2. Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Medina's In Da House
4. Danger-Part 2
5. Don't Let This Rap Shit Fool You
6. Pain I Feel
7. Posse Jumpa
8. Maniac Cop
9. Good Cop/Bad Cop
10. Sendin' Dem Back
11. Long-Winded
12. Jackpot
13. Danger

The Procussions - Up All Night (2004)

Up All Night (2004, an all night session from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am engineered by Jason Skills of The Sound Providers)

Q Tip - Amplified

Kaze & 9th Wonder - Spirit Of '94: Version 9.0

Spirit Of '94: Version 9.0 is Kaze's first studio album with Justus League producer 9th Wonder. It's a remix of his original 2003 release "Spirit Of '94".

1 "For The Record"
2 "Locked In Chains"
3 "50/50 Amp"
4 "Should've Been Here"
5 "Spirit Of '94"
6 "Soul Dojo (Essence Of Life Mix)"
7 "Stay A Customer"
8 "Waiting To Exhale (featuring Ak Slaughter)"
9 "What's Good?"
10 "Last Laugh"
11 "Soul Dojo (Enemy Of The State Mix)"
12 "On (Bonus Track)"
13 "Move Over (Bonus Track feat. Nature)"

number 2,3, & 5 stand out. my favorite is #4... emotional

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cella Dwellas - Realms N Reality

Cella Dwellas are an underground hip hop duo from Flatbush, Brooklyn, consisting of emcees UG and Phantasm. In 2000, the duo shortened their name simply to The Dwellas

Arsonists - Date Of Birth

MF Doom & Mos Def - Def Vs. Doom

Bahamadia - Kollage

As an affiliate of the Gang Starr Foundation, she released her critically-acclaimed debut album entitled Kollage in 1996; the album featured production by Guru and DJ Premier of Gangstarr. Kollage was followed in 2001 by BB Queen, an EP release.

Bahamadia is a respected lyricist in hip hop and is known for her silky, subdued monotone delivery. She has expressed a positive attitude toward globalism as an emerging trend in hip hop; in a 2003 collaboration with little-known group the Sisters of the Underground on a track entitled "Global", she performs lyrics in the chorus which acknowledge Japan, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Thailand, among a plethora of other countries, for fostering vibrant hip hop communities, and Japan in particular for the dedication of her Japanese fans (she has recorded a number of bootlegs exclusively released in Japan).

Bahamadia - BB Queen

The Roots - Illadelph Halflife

classic from start to finish hands down. if you dont have it or lost it in the past... GET IT NOW HOT DAMN IT

The Roots - Phrenology

Last Child - The Humble And Low EP

this was truly a gift from above. All i know is that this is Denizen Kane's late younger brother Last Child. He has a song on Tree City Legends Vol 2 Last Child Speaks. Thats track number 4 for this. I got this from Diatribe which is a group Last Child founded along with Epitome. So props goes to Diatribe.

Group Home - A Tear for the Ghetto

Group Home is a hip hop duo, comprised of members Lil' Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker. They came to prominence as members of the Gang Starr Foundation, along with Gang Starr members DJ Premier and Guru, Big Shug, and Jeru the Damaja and "The Nutcracker". Lil' Dap made his rhyming debut on Gang Starr's 1992 classic Daily Operation on the song "I'm the Man". Both members appeared on Gang Starr's critically acclaimed 1994 effort Hard to Earn, on the tracks "Speak Ya Clout" and "Words from the Nutcracker". In 1995, the group released its debut album, Livin' Proof. The album was very well received, mainly due to DJ Premier's advanced production work. Melachi left before its second album A Tear for the Ghetto was released in 1999.

A.D.O.R. - The Concrete

It's a shame that A.D.O.R got shafted by industry politics because this album is a perfect example of great 90's Hip Hop.

It had all of the key producers,Pete Rock, Diamond D, K-Def and Spunk Bigga and The Trackmasters.

A.D.O.R. should have blown up with this album and he would have it got it released in 1994/95, because everyone was waiting for an album after Pete Rock blessed him with the classic "Let It All Hang Out"(1992)his flow was youthful and contagious and the production and samples (although some were a little over used) still made this album bump and hold up well today in 2008.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls

dope album. 1/3rd of The Procussions


"On January 24th 2007 Mr. J Medeiros released his debut Solo album Of gods and girls in Japan. It was released July 24, 2007 in the USA, and August 20 in Europe. Mr. J Medeiros developed the international human rights movement called the "Constance Campaign" based on a true story about a Filipino girl victimized by Human Trafficking and Child Pornography."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision

Hieroglyphics, also known as the Hieroglyphics Crew and Hiero, are an American underground hip hop collective based in Oakland, California. The collective was founded in the early-1990s by rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien.

The Hieroglypics are considered by many to be hip hop visionaries, combining fundamentally sound deliveries and intelligent lyrical content with smooth, original and sometimes jazzy or funky beats and samples.[1] Since their inception, Hieroglyphics have amassed a dedicated following of die-hard fans largely through their live concerts, podcasts ("Hierocasts"), and promotion through the collective's own website.[2]

The collective is also known for its ubiquitous, three-eyed, straight-lipped face logo that figures prominently on their albums, website, stickers, and clothing (worn by both the collective's members, as well as fans).[3]

Asheru - Insomnia

Gabriel Benn grew up in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of DC for much of his childhood, but also spent some of his time living and attending school in Barbados, West Indies, the birthplace of his father. As a youth, many of Asheru’s musical influences came from a wide range of Hip Hop artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS One, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Slick Rick, Doug. E. Fresh, Native Tongues, Pharoahe Monch, and more, as well as the classic Soul, R&B, and Pop records of the 70’s and 80’s eras that his mother used to play throughout the house. At the age of 16, he graduated from high school and attended the University of Virginia, where he finished in 1996 with a B.A. degree in Anthropology. In college he formed relationships with fellow colleagues, a group of like-minded individuals that shared a similar passion for Hip Hop music and the collective Black experience. After college, one of those colleagues, Wes Jackson, founded an independent Hip Hop label, Seven Heads Entertainment, and in 1996 signed its first group, Unspoken Heard, made up primarily of Asheru and Jackson’s older brother, Robert Jackson, aka “Blue Black". Asheru and Blue Black went on to release a series of 12” singles and EPs, and in 2001 released their first album, “Soon Come”, a critically acclaimed debut, still widely considered a classic in many Hip Hop circles. In 2003, the group released their second album “48 Months”, followed by the “No Edge Ups in South Africa” album, a compilation album of other 7 Heads artists featuring the hit, “Mood Swing” with Talib Kweli.

Asheru, both as a solo artist as well as with the group Unspoken Heard, has gone on to travel extensively throughout Europe, Canada, the US and Japan, performing alongside artists and groups like Common, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Bilal, Ludacris, Edo G, J-Live, Wordsworth, and The Roots, while collaborating and being featured on projects with Hip Hop greats such as Pete Rock, and Jazzy Jeff. His lyrics are categorized by reflection upon the state of affairs of the current-day Black American. Through his music, he demonstrates a desire to improve the attitude of Black people towards liberation through education and self-empowerment. He currently travels with a live band, The ELs, made up of a three (sometimes four)-piece band of accomplished veteran musicians and producers, namely Aquaman, Mr. Hu, and Zo!.

Felt - Vol. 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet

Felt is a rap duo consisting of rappers Slug and MURS. They have released two albums under the Rhymesayers Entertainment label. Each of their albums are named after actresses (Christina Ricci & Lisa Bonet), and each of their albums consist of 2 songs named after famous singers; Suzanne Vega, Rick James, Morris Day & Marvin Gaye. The duo appeared at the Rock the Bells Festival, Saturday August 11th at the Hyundai Pavilion in Glen Helen, CA.

Def Squad - El Nino

Def Squad is a rap supergroup consisting of Erick Sermon, Redman & Keith Murray. Mally G is considered an honorary member of the Def Squad. Before officially forming as a group to release an album in 1998, they had each been featured on tracks by each other. The Def Squad was formed following the disbandment of the Hit Squad, who broke up after the struggles between EPMD members Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith.

They are known for their remake of Rapper's Delight by Sugarhill Gang.

Def Squad Records has recently signed a deal with SRC / Universal Records. The trio has resurfaced as of 2007, appearing on Redman's solo album Red Gone Wild and on Keith Murray's Rap-Murr-Phobia.

A-Team - Who Framed The A Team

West Coast underground ish. Acey The Face Man is a good song

Tonedeff - The Monotone EP

5 songs but worth it. Sick nasty Mc/Producer from the south. but flows like hes from everywhere

Az - Undeniable

latest Az. I havent heard it completely but from whats been played, i like a lot.

The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

Crazy underground west coast. I love their originality. Ya Mama, On The D.L., Return of The B-boy and Pack The Pipe is all crazy. those are just the ones that stand out. the rest is pretty dope too

Common - Resurrection

Another Classic. Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R." is too good for our ears. too smart for its time

Bone Thugs N Harmony - E. 1999 Eternal

classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic classic

Murs and 9th Wonder - Murrays Revenge

The second album the collaborated on. both really good. ill have the other one up soon. and ill have felt

Fu Schnickens - F.U. Dont Take It Personal

Sounds like das efx a lot. dope shit though. they have a song/video with shaq from the 90's. FU!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ain't Nothin Greater - Lighter Fluid

Mad good. Opened up for biggie. get it! Voice is similar to cassidys

45 King - Grooves For A Quiet Storm

A dope instrumental disc.

M.O.P. - Firing Squad


produced by premo

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pacific Division - Blendtape package

group from cali. classic beats with some witty rhymes

Biggie and Frank Sinatra - Bed Stuy Meets Blue Eyes

Son Of Ran - Tribute To Sky City

Kid from cali, nice flow with nice beats... a classic

COTC - Harlems illest (collecters edition)


Arsonists - As The World Burns

"The Arsonists are an underground hip hop group formed 1993 in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. Originally the group consisted of thirteen members. As of 2006 the group has shrunk to three members: Q-Unique, Jise One and Swel Boogie. The Arsonists have not released an album since 2001. The group is also known to be very varied in their rap style, as they have contributed raps to Digital Hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot's final album 60 Second Wipeout."

Soundwave Presents: The Best of Mos Def

One of my favorites... sorta like a mixtape basically

MaGestiK LeGenD - Free

sick album... and its free!

The Procussions - 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents

sick album.

Redman - Red Gone Wild... Thee Album


The Procussions - As Iron Sharpens Iron

Group from LA, One of the dopest

K - Otix - Ethos

K - Otix - Ethos

probably my fav group from H town.

Donnie Darko - Art Of The Devil

Donnie Darko - Art Of The Devil

a lil satanic but fuckin ill... str8 from nj

Dyme Def - Space Music

Dyme Def - Space Music

I dont really know about these cats except they from Seattle

Inverse - so far

taken from their myspace

Official Inverse bio:

Inverse is as real as it gets. Through songs that are upbeat, emotional, bracing and oftentimes lighthearted accounts of their true life experiences, the two California-bred rappers share distinct similarities and differences that form the basis and balance for their music. Rapping under their given names, emcees Toby and Tunji appear extremely different on the surface - one white, one black; one from a Jewish household, the other raised Muslim; one raised in Los Angeles, the other in the bay area by Nigerian parents. What they share is a passion for music that transcends any labels. With their honest brand of soulful, straightforward hip hop, the group is part of a newly emerging generation of artists born in the '80s, raised by hip hop in the '90s, and poised to help revitalize the culture in the 2000s.

Formed in early 2001, the group cut early demos and songs with Swedish producers Soul Supreme (KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock) and K-Laz while still in their teens, leading to internet acclaim and video airplay on MTV Europe (for “The Reason,” chosen as the single from K-Laz’s album The Soulsnatcher). The group spent the next few years playing shows all over California and forming alliances with rising hip hop artists QN5 Music (Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, Pack FM, Extended Famm, etc.), Brother Ali, Little Brother and Trek Life. Choosing to hone their mic and songwriting skills before officially releasing any music, the group recorded and shelved several songs before preparing their first project So Far, a collection of old and new songs and collaborations with close friends that introduces Tunji and Toby to the world. Not to be confused with their forthcoming debut album, the group describes So Far as “a look at who we are, what we’re about, and what we’ve been working on - 14 original songs, some old, some new, all Inverse.”

Readying their debut album Long Day's Journey for a 2008 release, Inverse draws on influences as far-reaching as OutKast, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Atmosphere and The Beatles, but most importantly from themselves and the world around them. Executive produced by A Piece Of Strange Music (the production duo of Deacon The Villain and Kno), the album will feature collaborations with Brother Ali, CunninLynguists, 9th Wonder, M-Phazes and more. The music is refreshingly honest, soulful and raw, anchored by poignant, personal rhymes and catchy melodies. Tunji and Toby rap truthfully about happiness, pain and everything in between, sounding only like themselves. Though only just getting started, Inverse stands poised to help usher in the next phase of hip hop music – just make sure you remember the name.

Ali Vegas - Generation Gap

Dope younging from queens

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Craig G - The Kingpin

havent heard it but the muthafucka can freestyle