Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hangar 18 - Sweep The Leg

"Finally filling the three year gap since their first full length The Multi Platinum Debut, emcees Alaska, Wind N Breeze, and producer paWL return as Hangar 18 for one of the funniest titles for an album I've heard in a long time. Sweep the Leg, with the Cobra Kai logo on the cover is a line from the most beloved American saga's in 80's cinema, the Karate Kid. Considered to be the least dark in content in the Def Jux roster, Hangar 18 has always boasted an old school sound and party jams to boot! With quotable choruses and incredibly fast wordplay, the team follows the same formula that made their first album a critically acclaimed hit. In my opinion it is one hell of a follow up! It's License to Ill meets the 21st Century!"

1. Highly Anticipated
2. Watchyoself
3. The West Wing
4. ..that I know I want..
5. Jump Muthafuh
6. Sad
7. Feet to Feet
8. Really Wide
9. Bakin Soda
10. Dance with Me (feat. Slug)
11. Room to Breathe
12. Think Big
13. Last Stop

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