Friday, April 25, 2008

Bahamadia - Kollage

As an affiliate of the Gang Starr Foundation, she released her critically-acclaimed debut album entitled Kollage in 1996; the album featured production by Guru and DJ Premier of Gangstarr. Kollage was followed in 2001 by BB Queen, an EP release.

Bahamadia is a respected lyricist in hip hop and is known for her silky, subdued monotone delivery. She has expressed a positive attitude toward globalism as an emerging trend in hip hop; in a 2003 collaboration with little-known group the Sisters of the Underground on a track entitled "Global", she performs lyrics in the chorus which acknowledge Japan, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Thailand, among a plethora of other countries, for fostering vibrant hip hop communities, and Japan in particular for the dedication of her Japanese fans (she has recorded a number of bootlegs exclusively released in Japan).

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wu fru de lu said...

yeah, badass album. i didnt know about "global" so thanks a bunch!