Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Az - Pieces Of A Man


fuck what other people say... this album is a classic. I put it above illmatic... fuck the haters

01. New Life (Album Intro)
02. I'm Known
03. How Ya Livin' (Feat. Nas)
04. Trading Places / Manasia (Interlude)
05. What's The Deal (Feat. Kenny Greene)
06. Half-A-Mil (Interlude) / Love Is Love (Feat. Nature & Half-A-Mil)
07. The Pay Back
08. Just Because
09. SOSA
10. It's A Boy Thing (Feat. Nature)
11. Pieces Of A (Black) Man
12. Last Dayz (Feat. Monifah)
13. Whatever Happened (The Birth) (Feat. RZA)
14. Trial Of The Century (Feat. Foxy Brown & Panama P.I.)
15. Betcha Don't Know (Feat. Keanna Hanson)


Guy Fawkes said...

Above Illmatic?
I respect your opinion, but Doe Or Die is a touch better than this album imo, and Doe Or Die doesn't compare to Illmatic.

Just me.

hamietao said...

I respect you're opinion too but I like this album better than doe or die and illmatic just simply because i bump this more than either of those albums together and I genuinely enjoy it everytime all the way through