Monday, March 23, 2009

Z-Ro - Let The Truth Be Told


Cousins Z-Ro and Trae (aka Assholes By Nature) are 2 very dope rappers from the H. They spit the raw truth over some crazy ass beats. Some tracks are over kill on commercialism but this song i have from youtube "1 night" alone is worth downloading the album. Along with platinum, the mule, another song and a lot more. They both got mad solo albums and a couple group albums, and depending on downloading count, im probably gonna post them in the future...

for real though, dont sleep on this cat!

1. Mo City Don Freestyle
2. The Mule [Ft. Devin The Dude & Juvenile}
3. Don't Wanna Hurt Nobody
4. Platinum
5. It Don't Stop
6. I'm A Soldier
7. 1 Night [Ft. Trae]
8. Help Me Please
9. Another Song
10. Everyday Samething
11. The Same One
12. 1st Time Again [Ft. Ashanti]
13. From The South [Ft. Paul Wall, LiL Flip & Fat Pat On The Hook]
14. Respect My Mind
15. Ride 2 Night
16. Auntie & Grandma
17. It's A Shame

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