Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Apathy - Where's Your Album?!? (2004)

1. Ap’s Intro - Produced by Apathy
2. It Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back (feat. Emilio Lopez)
3. Represent (feat. Celph Titled & Motive)
4. Mother Molesters Freestyle (feat. Majik Most & Celph Titled) Produced by Apathy
5. Ap’s Theme - Produced by Chum the Skrilla Guerilla
6. Mary Song (feat. One Two)
7. The Lesson Freestyle
8. Da Bichez (feat. Eternia)
9. Personal Jesus - Produced by Apathy
10. Big Hoot Interlude
11. Trust (feat. Emilio Lopez) Produced by Apathy
12. Different Song Produced by Chum the Skrilla Guerilla
13. Womanizer - Produced by Apathy
14. Night Life [Original Mix] Produced by Apathy
15. Can’t Nobody (feat. Styles of Beyond) Produced by Kanye West
16. Radio (feat. 8TH & Crisis) Produced by 8TH
17. Rappaz R.N. Dainja Freestyle (feat. Emilio Lopez)
18. Doe For Clothes Produced by DJ Khalil
19. Same Ol’, Same Ol’ Produced by 8TH
20. The Janitor - Produced by 8TH

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