Monday, May 5, 2008

Nature - For All Season

In 2000, three years after stepping away from the Firm crew, Nature released his first solo album, For All Seasons, through Columbia Records, which was a moderate success in the underground hip-hop market and critically acclaimed. The album was not promoted because of Nature's Label, Trackmasters, a subsidiary label of Columbia, leaving the label and giving them the rights to the Nature's album in order to be released from its contract. Things continued to go bad for Nature, a diss from Nas on the song "Destroy and Rebuild" eventually led to a lyrical battle between the two.

Intro Man's World

We Ain't Friends

S**t Like This

The Ultimate High (Feat. Nas)

Young Love

Go Ahead

Natures Shine



Talking That S**t

I Don't Give A F**k

Can't Stop

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