Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wade Waters - Dark Waters

01. What More (prod. Speaks)
02. Rock Solid feat. Cuban Link (prod. Shuko)*
03. Wanna Be Free (prod. Shuko)
04. Speak On It feat. AZ (prod. Analogic)*
05. Movement Music (prod. SBE Audiologist)
06. Back In Time (prod. Bring It Back)
07. Tread That Water (prod. SBE Audiologist)
08. Man To Man (prod. Analogic)
09. Right Back (prod. Analogic)*
10. That's My (prod. Kev Brown)
11. Lifeline (prod. Analogic)*
12. The Conversation (prod. Shuko)
13. Who But Me (prod. Speaks)
14. You Could Die (So Let's Live) (prod. Speaks)

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