Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mos Def - We Are Hip Hop (2002) 4 Disc

Mos Def
"We Are Hip Hop"
Sattan STTN 8616
Disc 1

Another World - Black Star
My Kung Fu - UTD
Most Def - Brixx
Tinseltown . . .(Beatnuts Remix)
Double Trouble - The Roots
S.O.S. - Bush Babies
Brighter Day - Ronnie Jordan
Travelin' Man (Remix) - DJ Honda
The Hard Margin - The Creators
Hurricaine - Various Artists
Body Rock - Q-Tip & Tash
One Four Love (Part 1) - Various
Next Universe - Mos Def
Stakes Is High (Remix) - De La Soul
Soldier's Dream - Mos Def

Disc 2

Freestyle - Tony Touch
Beautiful (Remix) - Mary J. Blige
Light (Can You See It) - DJ Krush
Little Brother - Black Star
B-Boy Document - High & Mighty
Tinseltown . . . - Scritti Politti
B.M.T. - Towa Tei (feat. Biz)
Saturday Night - Brand New Heavies
I've Committed Murder - Macy Gray
Manifest Destiny - UTD
Tinseltown . . . (Pete Rock Remix)
Bullshittin' - N'Dea Davenport
Another World (Ambivalence Remix)
The Love Song (Remix) - Bush Babees (feat. De La Soul)
All My People - Mos Def

Disc 3

High Drama (Remix) - Mike Zoot
The Questions - Common
Tinseltown . . .(Ali Shaheed Remix)
Freestyle (Soundbombing)
The Love Song - Bush Babees
Lyrical Fluction - Jigmastas
Crying At Airports - Whale
Another World (Remix)
Shinjiro - DJ Krush
Love Rain (Remix) - Jill Scott
Smith 'n' Slappy - Scritti Politti
One Four Love (Part 2) - Various
My Kung Fu (Remix) - UTD
All Praises Due - A.D.L.I.B.
Rock Rock Y'all - A.T.C.Q.

Disc 4

Respiration (Dr. Luke Remix)
What's That? - Tony Touch
A Tree Never Grown - Various
Make It All Better - Weldon Irvine
Intro - Bush Babees
Tinseltown . . .(Rob Swift Remix)
Moon In Cancer - UTD
Travellin' Man - DJ Honda
Dead Certainty - Scritti Politti
(Another) Another World
Big Brother Beat - De La Soul
You (Feel Good Remix) - S. Christian
B-Boy Document '99 - High & Mighty
High Drama (Part 3) - Mike Zoot
World Famous - Funk Flex


Dylan said...

Thank you for making this available. I have been looking everywhere for this (to purchase) to no avail.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this great compilation!

Anonymous said...

word, bro. thanks a million for this. i had it back in the day, but it was stolen when my car was broken into. Peace, son.

Anonymous said...

Yes, finaly found this rearity!
Thank you very much :)